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Welcome to! On this website you’ll find over 175 (and counting) unique, self conducted interviews I had with people who worked on the Star Wars movies and spin offs.

In 1983 I was introduced to Star Wars. In that year (I had just turned 7) I saw some bits of the famous Sarlacc Pit scene from Return of the Jedi (which was just released) on television. Shortly after this I saw it at the cinema and became a fan for life. This was my first step into what Obi-Wan calls ‘a larger world’.

Over the years that followed I never lost interest and things got serious. I worked for various Star Wars websites (,, and right now for the Star Wars community of the Benelux) and ended up being a staff member for various events like DutchStarCon, ScreenHeroes and FACTS. I even worked twice as the assistant of my childhood hero: Anthony ‘C-3PO’ Daniels, which is still my personal Star Wars highlight.

Another thing I started to do was to interview all the people involved with Star Wars: cast, crew, you name it. Many of these interviews were published on the websites I worked for (and mentioned in the credits of JW Rinzler’s book ‘The Making of Return of the Jedi’ and Adam Bray’s book ‘Stormtroopers Beyond the Armor’) and now this site: which is a collection of all the interviews I have done since 2005.

That’s my story.

This site is about everyone involved with the Star Wars movies and spin offs. The cast, the crew…it’s a large online collection unique, self-conducted interviews. Nothing but stories from the people who worked on the biggest saga ever.

I hope you enjoy this site. May the interviews…I mean: ‘Force’ be with you,


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Over the years I have appeared in several books, TV and radio shows and other media. By clicking on the link you’re directed to the video/article/site.


I am author of the following book:

… and of these upcoming titles:

  • Star Wars Interviews: Volume 2 – The Original Trilogy and Expanded Universe (Pulp Hero Press) – release: winter 2018/2019
  • Star Wars Interviews: Volume 3 – The Prequel Trilogy and Expanded Universe (Pulp Hero Press) – release: 2019
  • Star Wars Interviews: Volume 4 – The Force Awakens and Rogue One (Pulp Hero Press) – release: 2019

I made contributions to the following books (and am credited in them):

  • Star Wars Icons: Han Solo (Gina McIntyre, Insight Editions 2018) release: fall 2018
  • The Star Wars Historical Sourcebook – Volume 1 (W.R. Miller, Pulp Hero Press 2018)
  • Star Wars Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor (Adam Bray & Ryder Windham, Harper Collins 2017)
  • The Making of Return of the Jedi (J.W. Rinzler, Del Rey 2013)


  • Omroep Brabant May 2017: on May the 4th (International Star Wars Day) I was live on TV in the show “Wakker”.
  • Omroep BrabantDecember 2016: A TV crew visited me at home for an item about Rogue One. Besides the video there was also an article.
  • Various stations – April 2007: Not Star Wars related, but in April 2007 I was interviewed by a camera crew at the ‘Atmosfere Spaziali’ press day at the Space Expo. E.T.’s creator Carlo Rambaldi was there and I was asked to share some of my ‘E.T. memories’. The segment was shown on every regional TV station in the Netherlands.


  • Omroep Max – September 2017: In September 2017 the Star Wars Identities exhibition was opened in The Netherlands. The host (Manuela Kemp) interviewed me about the exhibit.
  • Omroep BrabantApril 2015: I was interviewed by Omroep Brabant. The reason? The Force Awakens panel at Star Wars Celebration.
  • Radio 1 – May 2011: On May 25 2011 (the 34th anniversary of Star Wars) I was interviewed by Dutch Radio station Radio 1 for the show “Nu Al Wakker Nederland”.
  • Omroep BrabantMay 2005: I was featured in a live radio show from Omroep Brabant called “Een Robbertje Bartol”. For 30 minutes they interviewed me because Revenge of the Sith had just been released and I had seen the movie a few days in advance at a press screening.

Newspapers, magazines, internet

  • MightyGoods (Internet) – 2018: This website which specializes in bags and travelling interviewed me about attending conventions.
  • NOS (Internet) – December 2017: The biggest Dutch TV station interviewed me about the most notorious piece of Star Wars history: the Holiday Special from 1978.
  • Metro (Newspaper)May 2017: For an article about ‘May the 4th’ I was interviewed by this paper.
  • Star Wars Insider (Magazine) – 2009: Issue 111 of Star Wars Insider features a photo of Gerald Home (Tessek) and me.
  • Sarlacc Pit Podcast (Podcast) – July 2010: I was a guest in the Sarlacc Pit podcast #4. It was an interview about my website and Star Wars celebs. Note: my segment starts after +-26 minutes.
  • The Guardian (Internet) – June 2010: British newspaper The Guardian ranked my old site in a Top 5 of Star Wars sites.
  • Parool (Newspaper) – May 2007: For the 30th anniversary of Star Wars I was interviewed for this Dutch newspaper.