Review: Star Wars Epic Adventures

Being a father one of the best moments of parenthood so far was introducing my kids to Star Wars. While my daughter hasn’t embraced Chewbacca, Leia and Padmé yet, my 8 year old son (named Lucas of course!) has become a fan.

For Star Wars minded parents like me who want to have Star Wars fun with their kids there’s Star Wars Epic Adventures.

Star Wars Epic Adventures is a monthly box full of Star Wars goodies. I recently received the first box, which had an Episode I: The Phantom Menace theme.

What was in it? A storybook, a sticker album, a box full of Galactic profile cards and a poster. Let’s have a closer look!

(click on the images to enlarge them)

First of all the storybook. Hardcover, 96 pages, illustrations from Brian Rood (who has done a lot of artwork for Lucasfilm over the years). The book tells the story of the movie but in an easy way. Kids could read it themselves but I suggest that the parents read it (as a bedtime story?) to their kids. Reading Star Wars beats any other book, right?

Next up: the Galactic profile cards which I really liked. Glossy big character cards with several facts on the back. I can totally imagine parents and their kids playing trivia games with this. The only negative thing was the Obi-Wan wasn’t included but since the theme of the cards is the Podrace (where he wasn’t present) it’s understandable.

The sticker album was my son’s favorite. When he saw it he grabbed it before I could have a good look at it! The best part is that every sticker is included, so they can complete the whole thing without the disappointment of missing some (as a parent I applaud this move of the publisher!)

The last thing that was included was a 4 foot poster with two stickers. The poster serves as a timeline on which nine episodes (A New Hope to The Rise of Skywalker) are shown. I assume every box will have a sticker to put on the poster. This is clearly something for the kids bedroom!

My verdict? It’s a nice box that certainly will appeal to kids. It’s educational (the book), collectable (also the book as now I want to complete the saga) has play value (the cards) and is just fun (the sticker book). Simple as that!

Interested? On the official website of Star Wars Epic Adventures you can find all the details of the future issues and pricing (they now have a deal of $ 9.99!)

Star Wars Epic Adventures is currently only available in the U.S.A. but hopefully it will come to other countries soon.