Review: Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook

Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook

Author: Jenn Fujikawa & Marc Sumerak

Publisher: Insight Editions

Pages: 128

Release: November 9, 2021

Two years ago The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook was released; a Star Wars themed cookbook that was written in-universe and had a new refreshing take on the genre. On Life Day (november 9th) a brand new cookbook will be available: The Life Day Cookbook, based on the Wookiee celebration featured in the legendary Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978! A recipe for success right?

The Holiday Special is (along with The Last Jedi) perhaps the most controversial Star Wars production ever made. Many fans hate the TV special but for some weird reason I don’t. It has a great animated segment plus (as I told a Dutch news site in 2017) it’s ultimate 70’s kitsch every Star Wars fan should watch. Because of this I had great interest in the first Holiday Special themed release since ages.

With movie themed cookbooks like this it comes down to two things: recipes and presentation. Let’s start with the presentation first. Compared with the mentioned Black Spire book the introduction part is shorter. A couple of pages and some new drawings. No photos of Chewbacca in his red robes with Han, Luke and Leia by his side and no pictures of Lumpy, Itchy and Malla in the Wookiee treehouse. A huge missed opportunity and I don’t understand why this decision was made. Whats positive is that the pages itself have an ‘old’ look and that in the back there are some instructions to make your own Life Day decorations; Life Day orbs and even robes. The photography is the same high quality as the previous cook books. However, unlike the Black Spire book not every recipe has a photo of the dish, snack or drink. Looking at pictures of outerworldly things to eat is one of the things that make books like this worthwhile and excluding those feels weird.

The recipes then. The writers deserve great praise for the fact they’ve included a list in the back which states which ones are glutenfree, vegan, vegetarian or can be easily altered. Since more and more people are becoming aware of what they eat information like this is essential. What also gets a ‘thumbs up’ is a conversion table of the US and metric system.

I tried out a handful of the recipes! Most ones are easy or medium to make; luckily not a lot of hard ones in here! The Shi-Shok Fruit bowl was pretty easy to make, tasted great and really looked as if it was made in a Galaxy Far, Far Away… The Yalbec Stinger also falls in the easy category and was an instant hit. I also made the Bantha Milk Hot Chocolate, but without the 2 drops of blue food gel dye. Some ingredients may be a bit more difficult to find than others.

The other one I made was the Plicated Orga Root. It’s potatoes and since I’m dutch (potatoes are a national meal) I had to try this one and I’m glad I did.

With almost 50 recipes in 6 categories (Appetizers/Snacks, Side Dishes, Main Courses, Desserts, Drinks) people who love to cook and like Star Wars will have hours of fun with this book, just like the people who they’re cooking for. Good recipes (that taste and look galactic) make this a nice addition to every kitchen shelf.

Special thanks to Insight Editions for providing a review copy!