Review: The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian

The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Author: Phil Szostak

Publisher: Abrams

Pages: 256

Release: December 1, 2020

In late 2020 The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian was released; a coffee table book in the ever growing Art of Star Wars series.

As the title suggests, this volume covers the hit series The Mandalorian, but only the first season, which was released on Disney+ in 2019. So far, a second volume about season 2 hasn’t been announced, but since this book has turned out to be quite popular it’s a safe bet there will be one at some time.

Written by Phil Szostak, Lucasfilm’s creative art manager and author of almost every Star Wars art book since Disney took over. Just like every other book in this series it is light on production details (it isn’t called The Making of…) but heavy on art and sketches giving an in-depth look at the characters, locations, weapons, creatures and spaceships from season one’s eight episodes.

Remember the beautiful art the show used as backgrounds during the end credits? Good news: it’s all here. If you’re familiar with the other editions in the Star Wars Art series it shouldn’t come as a suprise that the layout and presentation is basically the same as the others: hardcover with dustjacket, fine paper, good binding.

What makes this book better than the ones about the sequels is that this one was released a year after the show ended while the movie counterparts were released when the movies hit the cinemas. Thanks to this there’s more spoiler stuff featured that otherwise would have been left out (looking at you Grogu/Baby Yoda).

As I mentioned earlier, it’s light on text (reading it back to back shouldn’t take ages like the Making Of books by JW Rinzler) and there aren’t real shocking details to be found. The reader finds out how the series was pitched, how the makers met as well as the way the design process went.

So far, several books and magazines about The Mandalorian have been released. In my opinion they were are filler, which cannot be said about this one. If you didn’t like the show then this is obviously a pass, but if you did and/or are a collector of Star Wars art books then this one won’t disappoint you.

Special thanks to Abrams & Chronicle Books for providing a review copy!