Review: The Do or Do Not Outlook: 77 Steps to Living an Extraordinary Life

The Do or Do Not Outlook: 77 Steps to Living an Extraordinary Life – Light World Publications (publisher) – November 1, 2019 (release)

When hearing the name Yoda, most will think of puppeteer Frank Oz and Stuart Freeborn, the man responsible for the physical doll that appeared in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. However, another person is inextricably linked to Yoda and that is Nick Maley, who in the seven years he worked with Freeborn assisted with making Yoda and countless other aliens in the original trilogy. Chewbacca, Garindan, Greedo, Kabe, Ponda Baba … just a selection of his Star Wars work. He was also involved with films such as Krull, Superman, The Keep and Highlander. Recently he wrote a book: The Do or Do Not Outlook: 77 Steps to Living and Extraordinary Life.

As the subtitle suggests, this is not a book in which Maley talks extensively about the time he was working on Star Wars. Although this is discussed at the end of the book (he deals globally with his entire film career) it mainly contains wisdoms (77 in total) that can be useful in daily life. An example:

As you can see on the page above, Maley always gives a short explanation, often from his own experiences. You could say that he does justice to his nickname (That Yoda Guy) since the “real” Jedi Master was also known for wise statements (albeit in less logical sentence structures).

There are countless similar books with motivational texts and the question is: what does this have more to offer than all those other editions? An answer to that question is simple: this is from someone who worked on Star Wars. Are there better similar books? I suppose I must admit that I have never read a comparative book. However: these do not have the “Yoda factor”. Is this so important? It is common knowledge that the Star Wars label has a huge appeal to consumers. “Put a Star Wars image on it and it attracts attention”.

The short biography and chronological list (with some anecdotes or a retrospective) of all the films that Maley has worked on is a nice addition but does not deserve the title of a real biography.

However, the intention of this publication is good; various statements are absolutely meaningful and many readers will feel the Yoda gimmick is striking.

Buy it? “Do. Or do not”