Review: Ultimate LEGO Star Wars

LEGO: the number 1 toy manufacturer. Star Wars: the biggest film franchise ever.

Since 1999 these two greats have been working together and countless LEGO sets have appeared from spaceships and vehicles to locations from the films and series. Now, more than 18 years after the start of this successful collaboration, the ultimate book has appeared with the appropriate title Ultimate LEGO Star Wars.

The title raises high expectations and also fulfills them: every Star Wars LEGO set that has been released is covered. From the UCS Millennium Falcon to the Wookiee gunship microfighter: they are in this book. The same goes for the mini-figures and even the polybags are not missing in this edition.

Per category (not from year to year) the book takes the reader along on everything that has appeared since 1999. After the short introduction and timeline, all minifigures and all versions thereof are the first to be discussed. In addition to brief descriptions, the year of publication and the sets in which the figure appears are also mentioned. After that, it is time for the sets that also come by category (vehicles, imperials, rebels, locations, etc.) These are also accompanied by a brief explanation and information such as the year of publication, set number and the included mini-figures. As an extra bonus, there are a few ‘behind the scenes’ interludes of 2 pages in the book where the reader gets information about what goes on behind the scenes at LEGO and its designers.

This book focuses on the AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO); for them it serves as a nice catalog with the visual history of Star Wars LEGO. Although children can certainly enjoy it (and get inspiration for building) it must be said that over than 95% of the depicted sets are no longer available for purchase in the stores and this can cause disappointment for the youngsters.