Review: Where is the Wookiee – 2

For over three decades it has been a household name: Where’s Wally, the puzzle book series in which the reader has to look for the spectacled title character Wally (always dressed in a red / white striped shirt) on 2-page drawings. Since 1987, books, a film, an animated series, a comic and a computer game have been released. A Star Wars variant was inevitable and in 2015 Where’s the Wookiee was published.

Now, two years and two films later, Volume 2 has appeared in this series. Here too the goal is simple: the reader has to search on the many particularly beautifully illustrated drawings for Chewbacca, his Wookiee friends and various other Star Wars characters.

With Part 1, all drawings were based on scenes from the original trilogy and the prequels. Part 2 now has no less than 15 new prints (each 2 pages large, always with a short description of the location) of which 5 are from The Force Awakens, 3 from Rogue One, and even 1 from Rebels. On each of the images, as mentioned, Chewbacca and some Wookiees are hidden as well as six other characters that are linked to the image. For example, the Rebels team is hidden on Lothal while on Scarif we have to look for Jyn Erso and Chirrut. When you really find everything, there are more searches at the back of the book that are a bit trickier: try to spot a Mynock on spacecraft the Erevana!

The two most important questions you can ask about this book are: Is it fun? And for who is it actually intended?

The answer is simple: Yes, and for young and old. My oldest child (boy, 6) immediately grabbed this book when he saw it (with part 1 we have already spent a lot of time) and immediately started searching. Just like in part 1, he was too quick for me several times. It is certainly not the case that you have found everything in a few minutes (illustrator Ulises Farinas sometimes knows how to hide things very well, so that you sometimes stare at the image for quite a long time), so it is also a challenge for adults. This book is also a great excuse for Star Wars loving parents to do something Star Wars related with their children (and possibly introduce them to “A Galaxy Far, Far Away …”)