Review: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu (Hardcover)

Author: Cole Horton

Publisher: Becker&Mayer

Pages: 144

Release: July 21, 2020

The Star Wars franchise has a long history of so called in-universe books; books that read as if they were written in the fictional universe for Jedi, bounty hunters, Sith Lords… and visitors to the planet Batuu.

Last year Galaxy’s Edge opened in the American Disney parks; a place located of the planet Batuu where people can experience the world of Star Wars by riding in the (full scale built) Millennium Falcon, hanging out in a Cantina or even build their own lightsaber.

This (nicely presented hardcover) book by Cole Horton provides information about this place. It delves into the history of the spaceport, and describes the places of interest in several chapters:

  • Explore Batuu
  • Explore Black Spire Outpost
  • Land Port
  • Merchant Row
  • Docking Bay 9
  • The Spaceport
  • The Market
  • The Forest

And there’s a Quick Reference Guide with things like ‘helpful phrases’ and local holidays (one of them is Life Day; a nice nod to the 1978 Holiday Special)

For fans of in-universe books it will no doubt be a feast to read all this, especially if you have a trip to the Disney Parks planned. For the more casual Star Wars fan I doubt if they’re interested in the current politics on Batuu but I bet they’d love to read something about the actual rides for instance. And that is why in my opinion this book could have been so much better. What is missing is real-world background information. Production sketches, artwork, interviews with the creators of the rides, a ‘making of Smuggler’s Run’ chapter, practical information about the cantina. It’s fun to read that the Bespin Fizz will fizz and bubble or the Blurrgfire can be found in taverns across the galaxy, but isn’t it more interesting if it’s alcoholic, what it tastes like and what the ingredients are?

Sure, it wouldn’t have been an in-universe book anymore, but it really would have benefited if things like that were included.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been to the Black Spire Outpost this would make a fun souvenir.