Review: The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Author: Amy Ratcliffe & Scott Trowbridge

Publisher: Abrams

Hardcover, 256 pages

Release: April 27, 2021

Star Wars and Art books have gone hand in hand for many years, even decades. The newest book in the continuing The Art of Star Wars series is all about Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars themed area in Disneyland California and Disney World in Florida.

Inside the book are over 250 pages filled with glorious (concept)art of the otherworldly addition to the theme parks. Get ready for some truly stunning pieces covering the area including the stores, bar, two major rides (Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance) and there’s even a section of an upcoming attraction: the (extremely expensive) Star Wars Star Cruiser hotel which will give lucky visitors a very unique experience.

The author certainly isn’t the next J.W. Rinzler (the uncrowned king of Star Wars reference books), but with books like this text is only secondary and not the most important thing. It’s called The Art of, so it’s all about looking at the gorgeous art, sketches and paintings. Of course, every piece is accompanied by a title and/or short text explaining what it’s about. I don’t recall seeing a lot of Galaxy’s Edge art and sketches being published online or even in other books, so this must feel as a real treasure trove for the Disney Star Wars aficionada. Maybe unfair (since the book is called The ART of…) but some actual photo’s of the finished land, rides, stores and restaurants would have been nice and would have really made the book a complete package. The presentation is similar to every other book in this series, so you can expect a perfect sized book, printed on nice paper, with good binding, and a sturdy hardcover with dustcover. Excellent.

In my opinion Disney should have created a Star Wars land based on the most popular trilogy, using existing characters and things. Instead, they based it on the (divisive) sequel trilogy and use new characters that aren’t known by most fans since they only appear in books (looking at you Vi Moradi). Wouldn’t Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker have been more recognizable (and more profitable) choices? Imagine a Harry Potter world without Hogwarts and all the other popular locations from the movies! But hey, that’s just my 2 cents and time will tell if Disney’s decision was right. Nevertheless, I think it’s great there’s a book covering a theme park area. Here’s an idea: a book all about Star Tours, the original Star Wars ride which was made in the 80’s (and updated in the 00’s). Mark me down for a copy.

If you’re The Art of Star Wars collector this is a no-brainer, just like if you’ve actually been to Galaxy’s Edge and enjoyed your time there; it’s a perfect keepsake. It’s also cheaper than making a custom lightaber in one of the shops and (with 256 pages) will definitely entertain you for a longer time. Compared with the other Galaxy’s Edge book (Traveler’s Guide to Batuu) this is without any doubt the winner.

Special thanks to Abrams & Chronicle Books for providing a review copy!