Review: Star Wars Displate Brand Shop

As an avid collector of all things related to my Star Wars passion. There’s nothing more satisfying than discovering a new medium to express my admiration for the stories that I hold near and dear to my heart. I’m not talking about Yoda themed action figures or Luke Skywalker coffee mugs. I’m here to rave about officially licensed Star Wars posters from Displate and why I think they’re the next frontier for avid collectors of all things related to the Brand. They also qualify as an epic Star Wars themed gift.

Before we dive into the quality of the product itself, you could be asking yourself, “what is Displate”. Displate is an awesome metal poster marketplace that’s home to designs by over 40,000 artists and notable brands. Their Displates are essentially magnet mounted metal posters that appeal to just about anyone’s inner geek. There’s No need to tell you that there are nearly 6 million Displates floating around in the hands of dedicated collectors in more than 64 countries. A quick look at what their epic Star Wars Brand shop has to offer will show you exactly why Displates are loved by many. They’re absolutely stunning.

One really satisfying attribute of Star Wars Displates is that they’re extremely detailed. They range from fully illustrated scenes from your favourite Star Wars films to epic concept art of lightsabers and stormtrooper helmets. Every poster, depending on the design, contains vivid colors layered onto a durable and tactile steel canvas. They’re awesome and much better than any paper or wooden alternative. The mechanics of mounting your Displates on a wall are satisfying. You’d think that a steel poster would be dangerous and damaging to walls. Well, Displate has developed an efficient magnet mounting system that is safe for your walls and easy to set up. Adding to the list of great things about this collectable item.

Regarding the designs, are you a fan of spaceship semantics? Are you obsessed with vintage Star Wars aesthetics? Or perhaps you’re more interested in the profound Yoda quotes that we all live for. Think of the wildest, most obscure Star Wars related thing you can imagine that you think only a few people noticed in the films, games and books. You’ll probably find it on the Displate store. And if not, rest assured that there’s definitely a geeky Star Wars collectable that you’ll surely love.

So, as you can tell I’m quite impressed with the overall quality of Displates. They are creative and produced with care and authenticity. There’s nothing like waking up to a poster of Darth Vader staring at you from your bedroom walls. There’s also nothing like a quality product with a great mission to allow people to collect their Star Wars passion. Get one of these Star Wars Displates on your wall asap. If you’re lucky enough, you might get a limited edition one. Happy collecting.